The Beginners Course is designed to achieve these main objectives: 

  1. Fundamentals of Futures
  2. Basics of Price Action & Charting
  3. Trading as a Business
  4. Trading Psychology

In order to become a consistent and profitable trader you need to understand the basics and that's what we teach in The Beginner Course. We prepare you for what you are going to learn in The Main Course so that you have a foundation to build on. You'll also need to prepare mentally for what it takes so we do a deep dive into Trading Psychology in the video series below.  

  • 24 Videos

  • 0 Quizzes

  • 0 Worksheets

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  • What is a futures contract?

  • How futures work in the real world

  • The Difference in Futures v. Stocks

  • The Benefits of Futures Trading

  • E-Mini S&P Specs

  • Futures Brokers

  • Trading Platform Information

  • How S&P Margins Work

  • S&P E-Mini | How it Works

  • Micro Lots | Mirco Margins

  • Candlesticks | OHLC Bar | Technical Basics

  • What Time Frames We Use

  • Understanding Time & Sales

  • Trading Hours | Globex

  • Orders | Order Types

  • The Business Plan for Beginners

  • The 3/6/9/12 Method

  • Candlestick Progression | Analysis

  • Entry Time Frame | Tick Charts

  • Live Trade Walkthrough (30 Minute Lesson)

  • Five Traits 6-Figure Traders Have

  • The Button Presser Philosophy

  • Consistency Builds Confidence

  • Final Video