Market structure

There is a rhyme and reason to market flows. Where price has higher odds of turning - and turning violently. And whether you choose to believe it or not, it doesn't come from indicator analysis: but rather understanding Market Structure.

This is a proven method to map out the market and predicting future price levels and understand the "why" behind market moves.

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Impulsive trading is far too prevalent with investors. Simply taking trades because they "feel" it might be a good time to enter, or worse, because an indicator is saying that it is time to buy. The markets, specifically, index futures and commodities, tend to move at key inflection areas with great predictability. Those inflection points, as we are going to teach you, are called sell-side and buy-side zones of inflection. Areas where price has higher odds of either reversing or consolidating. This will help you to learn to be patient, to be able to develop and read the market, and to find better entries and exits. No indicators, no software - just learning how to understand, finally, what Market Structure is and how to begin to learn to spot better entries and exits. Period.


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Learning to trust price takes time behind the screens but learning Market Structure will help with that. We're going to help you to learn not only how to develop a "market map" but also learn how to read it - no voodoo, no indicators, no silly trend lines. You WILL learn how to analyze futures & commodities properly with Market Structure.

How to Map out Trades Ahead of Time

How to Map Out Major Reversals

How to Find Precise Low-Risk Entries

How to Analyze Indices for Market Timing

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