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This is a monthly membership for intraday futures traders & this is what is included:

The Daily Trader Worksheet covering ES/CL/NQ

Daily Charts & Futures Chat Room

Daily Video Recap with Trade Plan & Analysis

Access to The Beginners Futures Course ($99 Value)

By identifying precise and accurate Key Buy/Sell Zones, I avoid the middle chop where most traders lose money and enter the market at the best prices (key turning points), which allows me to use a tighter initial stops. Using a smaller stop-loss results in better Reward-to-Risk. This approach to the markets and proper risk controls allow me to better manage my trades. It's better to trade less and make more v. scalping all day and you'll see that in this membership.

The goal of the Key Zones and Trade Plan is to help you obtain the absolute best Trade Location (best entries) and eliminate confusion so you can confidently execute on the best ideas. Ideal Trade Location helps me cut my losers quickly and avoid trading just to trade because I am looking for higher quality trades v. scalping all day long.

Do I need Special Software or Indicators?

No you can use any platform you want and there are no indicators to download.

What type of stops are used?

We do not provide stops. The worksheet and analysis each day in the video discusses zones and setups - each trader chooses their own stops and contract size.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sorry no - we have done this for 10 years and our work speaks for itself.

Complete the registration below and you'll get instant access to the members area with a welcome video and all the steps to begin using this membership to the fullest.

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